The majority of items have purity levels exceeding 99 percent, with some reaching 99.9%.

 Store in a cool, dry location.

Yes, please view our pricing options and select any of your preference.

Yes, you are welcome to order sample before placing bulk order. We will send the sample directly to your door by courier but you will have to pay for shipping cost.

Usually , we will ship for you as soon as paid, or 1-2 days after confirm your payment.

–Include Apartment/Unit number and postal codes for faster delivery.

–If your address is not in the right format or is non-deliverable as addressed on the tracking due to wrong address format or any reason it is not our fault and we will not be giving refunds or re-ships. So please make sure you give us the right address and format.

–Standard address format

Payment is uniquely via bitcoins and is upfront, except for obvious reasons.

-This link will tell and or explain everything you need to know about Bitcoins:

–Here are some sites where you can purchase Bitcoins from:,,


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