The world’s best attacking midfielder also wanted Son Heung-min’s feet.

TBR, a British soccer media outlet, reported on the 17th (Korean time), ‘Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne gave an interesting interview in an interview with Sky Sports. The other players were asked to choose one Premier League player each for the categories of perfect feet, body and head. There were many interesting answers, but when choosing the player with the best foot, I chose Son Heung-min.’먹튀검증

In an interview with Sky Sports, he said, ‘Son Heung-min’s feet are fast and perfect.’

Son Heung-min has strong speed. He is at the top level of the league. Moreover, he uses both his feet freely. This is thanks to his father, Son Woong-jeong, who trained him to use both feet evenly when he was young.

In the EPL, Son Heung-min’s quick feet and both feet became a lethal weapon and the driving force behind him winning the Golden Boot along with Mohamed Salah two years ago.

Kevin De Bruyne is the world’s best attacking midfielder. Possessing power and speed, he has established himself as the best midfield leader with his powerful ‘delivery passes’. He was also a key player in Manchester City’s treble last season.

The fact that De Bruyne, who already has a world-renowned reputation, or to be precise, has a higher name value than Son Heung-min, chose to follow Son Heung-min leaves a strong impact.

Son Heung-min showed a particularly strong performance in the game against Manchester City. Additionally, he left a deep impression with his league-leading speed and control with both feet.

TBR said, ‘Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne has always played with the best players in the world at Manchester City and Belgium. He could have chosen his good friend and world-class striker Erling Haaland, but in the end he chose Son Heung-min. He said, “This part shows how good the Tottenham captain has feet.”